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Assassin's Creed 2 confirmed

Set in the 1700s by the sounds of it...

Ubisoft has made first official mention of the totally-unexpected sequel to last year's Assassin's Creed.

Speaking during its first-half fiscal 2008-09 conference call, a company exec confirmed that it's "working hard on the product," but wouldn't commit to a fiscal 2010 release date (i.e. next year) - although from what we've heard it's incredibly likely.


That's about it on the official side, but susperstar analyst Michael Pachter seems to have dropped more juicy details on Assassins 2, which he says has changed time frame from 1191 to "several hundred years in the future", specifically, "sometime in the 1700s."

Pachter went on to speculate that the French Revolution could be a potential setting for the sequel, which is infinitely more compelling to us than just more Jerusalem.

You may also remember that the Prince of Persia team let slip that Altair will be swimming in the next game.

What'll be interesting though is how Ubisoft manages Altair in the 1700s (if that is indeed where the sequel's taking place). Are we going to get a new assassin? A different descendent with the same name and clothes, ala Zelda? It'd be a shot in the foot for the company to waste the character it's spent so long establishing.

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