Europe gets Resi 5 demo next year?

Capcom confirms PS3 and Xbox 360 trial for the West

Capcom has confirmed that a demo of Resident Evil 5 will indeed be making it way to the West after yesterday's Japanese reports.


The Xbox 360 and PS3 demo was confirmed by the company for release in Japan on December 5. According to the company's US blog, the trial will be making it to Europe and North America "a bit later". We're probably looking at early 09 then.

"Resident Evil 5 is still on track for the previously-announced Friday the 13th, March 2009, release in both North America and Europe," says the blog. "Fear not, we will also be seeing demos for both the 360 and PS3 versions of the game, but they will be hitting N. America a bit later than the Japanese demo. Stay tuned, more to come on the demos soon!"

There you are then. Capcom also detailed a Japan-only Collector's Edition that we want. Those Japanese get everything, gits.