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Photos: Lara Croft in the office

So you know why it's a slow news day...

It was more crowded than usual in the office coffee hub this morning, as three floors of red blooded males (or just 'blokes') scrambled to take a long, dirty stare at T3 magazine's new fit editor.

The reason HR isn't dragging us off for that horribly sexist intro, is that she's in fact Lara Croft, or at least Alison Carroll, the model who's dragged around by Eidos to play her.


Like any dodgy magazine temp, it looks like Lara spent her time reading back issues, nicking office stationary and scanning issues of T3 to put on the internet. Oh, and posing for photos for you lot to look at.

Have an ogle at the photos below, and head over to T3's website for a bunch more.