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Mikami: "I won't play Resi 5"

"It'll just cause me stress if I play it," says Resi creator

Ex-Capcom Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami has said that he won't play Resident Evil 5.

Speaking in a recent interview with Official PlayStation magazine, Mikami, who's now working on games with ex-Capcom studio Platinum Games, said that playing Resi 5 would "just cause me stress".


"I probably won't play it. I won't like it, because it's not going to be the game I would have made," he said. "It'll just cause me stress if I play it. I think it could be fun for gamers to play it, but not for someone who has developed Resident Evil games.

"If I see anything in Resident Evil 5 that isn't done well, I'll be angry!"

On number five's similarities to Mikami's fourth Resi, he says "that's fine, isn't it? I think Resident Evil 5 doesn't need to change the series, but Resident Evil 6 will have to reinvent the series with another full model change or else it won't be able to keep on going."

Mikami's current projects are a joint Suda 51 horror game with EA and an unannounced game for Sega.

Mikami calls working on two projects at once "difficult", "but I'm director on my game for Platinum Games and producer on the game for EA. So if Suda does his job properly, my workload will decrease."

A demo of Resident Evil 5 is due on the Japanese PlayStation Network next week, and "a bit later" everywhere else.