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Lego Harry Potter in development?

Warner's next Lego title will focus on the boy wizard, sources tell CVG

First it was Star Wars (the good ones AND the bad ones), then came Indiana Jones followed most recently by Batman. But the next big property to be reborn in little plastic blocks will be Harry Potter, CVG has learnt.


Putting on our detective hats we're going to take a guess that Warner will handle publishing honours even though EA has the rights to do the PC and console movie tie-ins. Warner published Lego Batman too, it's worth noting.

We've got no solid details on what form the game will take but an action-adventure type of romp taking its lead from the books (or movies) would be the safe bet. Expect lots of Hogwarts, and big fat Hagrid and a little boy with Lego hair then.

If we had to pin the tail on a release date... Well, there is a new movie out next year (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince if you need reminding). We've contacted Warner in the UK for comment. More soon.