Resi 5: Console exclusives revealed

Documentary for PS3, soundtrack for 360

When you're finally able to grab a copy of Resident Evil 5 next year, you will find different goodies in the box depending on which console you buy it for.

Capcom has revealed a bunch of console-specific exclusive extras, giving multi-platform gamers a bit of a decision to make.


The PS3 version will come with a special making-of video feature, which was apparently made by Hollywood staff (so hopefully a little better made than some shaky cam footage in a dull motion capture studio).

On the other hand the 360 version will come in a metal case with a soundtrack CD included called the "Biohazard 5 Selection Track", according to Japanese translations of the official Capcom site.

The 360 extras will only come with an initial 'Delux Edition' allotment, and when they run out you'll just get the game on its own. Whereas the PS3's video comes on the same disc as the game, so expect that to be a permanent extra.

Capcom also revealed a special Limited Edition version of the game (pictured), which comes in an even fancier box, packing a 2GB USB memory stick, a 32-page art book, and a waist pouch that resembles one used in the game.

All very nice. Which version will you be opting for if you own both systems?