LittleBigPlanet: Build an old-school game Pt. 2

Feature: PSW does Artillery in LittleBigPlanet

The earliest computers were created to calculate gun trajectories and Artillery was the first game to have fun with such deadly dealings, and went on to spawn numerous imitators including Worms in 1995.

All you need to play a reasonable Little Big Planet version are two tanks and some scenery. It really is a piece of piss, despite the clunky- looking machinery.

Game: Artillery
Year: 1980
Format: Apple II Home Computer


1. Guns, guns, guns!
Unlike the original Artillery, but in keeping with more modern versions, your tank will be able to angle and fire its cannon and move across the screen. With the level paused, make a rectangle of wood and cut into it so it forms a basic tank shape, but without a gun. Stick a long rectangle on the side of your 'turret' and stick it in place using a Motor Bolt. Press Play now and your tank will attempt to walk on one barrel-leg. So don't be doing that.


2. Death this way
Attach a Three-Way Switch to the top of your tank and link it to the Motor Bolt on the gun. Tweak the Switch so that it is set to 'Directional', so when you pull the switch the barrel will raise or lower depending on the direction you pull. Tweak the Motor speed so it moves at a reasonably slow rate.


3. Suck on this
Add an Emitter to the end of the gun and link it to a basic switch that you will add to the other side of your tank. You can opt to fire whatever you like (robotic babies, for example - more on them later), but we recommend building something explosive. Presto! You can now aim and fire your tank's main gun, but it's still immobile. Stick wheels on your tank with Motor Bolts.


4. Wheels of war
Connect the wheel bolts to another Three-Way Switch. Tweak the bolt so your tank doesn't move too quickly, and you've got a machine that you can move, aim, and fire. Make the Tank an object and place another one on your level and create a 'landscape' between the two. You now have a functioning homage to Artillery.