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LittleBigPlanet: Build an old-school game Pt. 3

Feature: Recreate the Nintendo classic Donkey Kong on PS3

Jumpman must rescue Pauline from the clutches of Donkey Kong. This is done by jumping a succession of barrels while climbing a structure. Let's make level one!

Game: Donkey Kong
Year: 1981
Format: Arcade


1. Another year, another Mario
Create a beam of red metal that exists in the first two levels, so it's in the foreground and middle ground. Angle it slightly so it rises to the right. Make your black game screen out of a large rectangle that only exists in the background, and stick your platform to it at the bottom. Don't use a flammable material, though, or else you'll do what we originally did and have Donkey Kong: The Spontaneous Combustion Edition.


2. Beams are the way to go
Copy your red beam and position another one above your first. Flip it horizontally, see if you can jump from one beam to another, and then stick it to the background. Now repeat until you have created six platforms you can run along, and jump up. The last beam should be completely flat.

And, yes, we know Donkey Kong features collectable hammers and ladders. Little Big Planet doesn't cater for hammers or ladders, unfortunately. Add a vine swing so you can avoid the barrels if you really want to. Just don't write in about hammers. We know. Sometimes you can't have everything you want, and you won't fix it by writing a letter.


3. Going ape
Now we need an ape chucking barrels. We could have built one mechanically, but have instead opted to replace Donkey Kong with a horrifically articulated baby - probably for copyright reasons, but mostly because it's funnier.

You'll find baby doll parts as objects when you play the main Little Big Planet game. Stick them together with Wobble Bolts to give motion and stick the doll to the ground by its feet. We think it's quite cool to reinvent a classic character - otherwise you may as well play the original. Well, maybe not go that far, but you see what we mean?


4. One crazy baby
Place an Emitter near the baby and have it launch burning barrels to the right. Tweak the Emitter's settings and when you press Play, you'll notice that the objects you are launching are rolling right off the level. Counter this by placing black cushions at the end of every beam so your rolling objects will hit them and roll further down to the ground rolling along every beam.


5. King of Kong
Now try and make the run and see how well you fared. Tweak your level until it's just about possible. Donkey Kong was hardcore and so are we. With everything working as well as Little Big Planet will allow, place a platform for Pauline to stand on next to the former ape that's now a creepy baby.

But instead of placing Pauline there, place an End of Level. Stick on some smaller jumps in place of ladders and you've got the essence of Donkey Kong all over you. Now go and wash before your girlfriend suspects something.