Riddick dev: move to Atari has been "fantastic"

Extra dev time used to polish multiplayer, improve Butcher Bay, says Starbreeze

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena developer, Starbreeze and production partner Tigon Studios, has called the move from Vivendi to Atari "fantastic".

Speaking to CVG in an interview in London, Starbreeze lead designer Jerk Gustafsson and Tigon Studios boss Ian Stevens said that the extra development time allowed by the move has helped them create "the polished game we've ever made."


"On a developer side [the move to Atari] has been amazing," said Gustafsson. "Of course we were supposed to release the game a little earlier, but now we've got the chance to polish the game even more. So it's all good for us."

"The merger's been fantastic," added Tigon man Stevens. "It's very rare that people feed you money and wave you away because they've got something else that they need to do. And for us it's heads down and focusing on making this game as good as it can be. The consensus already in our hallway is that this is the most polished game we've ever made."

The slip to early next year has allowed Starbreeze to "improve some more of the things that people were frustrated about in the old game," says Gustafsson, as well as spend more time on the new online modes.

"We continued to focus on multiplayer because the balancing is so difficult," said Tigon's Stevens.

Check out the latest shots here. We can't wait.