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Wii Horoscope channel not for Europe

New fortune-telling service will not come to the astrology-tolerant UK

Nintendo has told Edge that its new Horoscope channel will not be released in Europe.


The service, with the translated title of 'Today and Tomorrow's Lucky Fortune Telling Channel', has recently launched in Japan. The service collects data from users (via their Miis) and provides a daily horoscope for each. Users can specify what the stars have in store for them across the categories of love, work, school, communication, and money.

Seeing as the UK has a mysterious tolerance - esteem, even - for horoscopes, coupled with Nintendo's objective to reach wider audiences, it is somewhat surprising to hear that the service won't be making it to Britain. "There are no current plans to bring this to Europe," said a Nintendo spokesperson. There was no confirmation that the service would not arrive in the US.

Article supplied by Edge Online