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Bizarre James Bond racer in the works

Bizarre Creations new IP tagged as Mario Kart meets Forza

Activision Blizzard has confirmed that a racing-orientated James Bond title is in development at Bizarre Creations.

The game, which isn't tied to a movie storyline, has just been announced at a Massive Inc event where the publisher was showcasing a range of new titles.


There were no further details, other than it's due out in September 2009.

The former Project Gotham Racing (pictured) studio, which was acquired by Activision last year, is also working on an original racing IP tagged as Mario Kart meets Forza, according to MTV Multiplayer.

We'll be on the phone to Activision shortly to see if we can get any more details about the new games.

We got hold of Activision this afternoon but unfortunately the company wasn't able to provide any further details about the new games. Don't hold your breath either, as it seems unlikely there'll be anyhting more on them until early next year, but don't let that stop you sepculating in the meantime.