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Riddick gets 'Pitch Black' multiplayer mode

Starbreeze spills online details

Starbreeze has divulged details on Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena's unique multiplayer modes, including a poo-your-pants 'Pitch Black' game set, yes, in the dark.

Spilled in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine US, Riddick's new online modes include the obligatory 12-player deathmatch and capture the flag modes, as well as an interesting Butcher Bay Riot game that pitches three teams of four against each other.


Teams include guards, mercenaries and prisoners, each tasked with fighting their way to and activating a central power cell. Although each team apparently plays the same, the implementation of a Counter-Strike-style weapon purchase system sounds fun - and at least it's not Halo 3 with Vin Diesels.

As we mentioned though the most exciting mode revealed is Pitch Black, which puts combatants in a big dark arena and makes one of them a fast-moving, ultra blade-wielding Riddick - the others are just grunts with guns and flashlights. Good luck.

If the grunts can manage to spot and kill Riddick - who can see clearly in the dark, by the way - they can become Riddick in the next round. This is going to be shit scary, and you know it.

20 maps are planned for the final game, which is out early next year.