LittleBigPlanet: Build an old-school game Pt. 5

Feature: Recreate classic Thrust in Sony's world of Sackboys

Piloting a ship into caverns and stealing a pod using a tractor beam by angling your craft and thrusting took skill and played with physics, so it should be perfect for LittleBigPlanet. You can make your version more complicated and add guns and enemy turrets if you like. PSW is just giving you the basics.

Game: Thrust Year: 1986
Format: BBC Micro, Acorn Electron


1. Greasy axels
Make your Thrust ship shape out of polystyrene, then copy and shrink it slightly. That done, use the same shape to cut your ship so it looks like it's made of old-school vector graphics. Attach a main rocket engine and flank it with two smaller ones. Now make a rectangle that exists in all planes, cover it in deep red stickers and enlarge it to act as the planet's surface. Lastly, cut out a cavern.


2. Something to hold on to
Place your ship on the planet's surface and cover it in white stickers so everything looks as bold and featureless as the original game. Make a vine just like you did in Pitfall, and stick it centrally to the craft's rear.


3. Babylon Zoo
Make a control deck with buttons for left and right boosters. The main one will be ignited when you jump. Place a proximity switch in housing above the middle of the other buttons, and set its radius to be small. Now you can fire the main and secondary rockets by walking onto them while jumping will fire the main booster. Build a launch pad and, with Player Two holding on for dear life, you can fly them and their rocket
down a cavern.


4. Bad conductors
Make a rubber landing spot in the cavern, and place some goodies (like a jet-pack and points) down there for Player Two to collect. And there you have the essence of Thrust. Add a gun to your ship, but with extra complexity comes the issue of extra buttons and who's gonna press them.