Fable II: Guide

Its good to be bad sometimes, and we've got the guide to prove it

Welcome to Albion! We trust you'll enjoy your stay (whether the land's other inhabitants enjoy it or not, of course, is completely up to you). To help you get settled in, we've complied eight pages of tips, hints and cheats that'll help you uncover your new playground's deepest, darkest secrets...

The decisions you make in Fable II shape not only the world around you, but also your own physical body. Here's what you need to know to get through your ordeals and still look good at the end of it all.


Good & Evil
Defined as a measure of how you behave towards others. Many quests will ask you to choose between a 'good' and a 'bad' solution, but your everyday actions will also affect your morality rating. Killing or assaulting villagers, committing crimes or sacrificing people at the Temple of Shadows are all activities that will adversely affect your morality rating, but you can redeem yourself by donating at the Temple of Light, giving money to beggars or by fulfilling slave rescue requests. If your good / evil bar tilts 100% either way, you will sprout either a halo or a fetching pair of demon horns.

Purity & Corruption
This is a measure of how sinful or selfish a life you lead. Your purity meter will be affected by your decisions on matters such as price-fixing (on rent or market stalls), your diet (meat is sinful, vegetables and water are not) and your sexual habits (such as cheating or paying for sex, although wearing a condom can help you stay pure).

Is measured by several factors. Firstly, your clothes. Try not to dress like a clown. Secondly, your weight. Eating and drinking will cause you to put on excess weight, and it can prove tricky to shift these excess pounds, as there are only two types of food with a negative fatness rating (celery and the amazing apple pie, the latter of which can be won from the Pub Games). Sadly, health potions can often come at a premium in Albion, so eating yourself back to health is a necessary evil at times. Get ready to pile on the pounds.

The third factor is scarring. Every time you get knocked out (and you are not in possession of a resuscitation phial), your body will sustain a permanent, disfiguring scar. This can be prevented by equipping your weapon with the stoneskin augment (see: Augments), but once you've been marked it cannot be reversed.

Body build
The manner in which you decide to spend your experience points will have a noticeable effect on your physique. Concentrate on strength abilities, and you'll grow muscles. Invest in skill, and you'll grow taller. Decide to plough your keep into spells, and you'll sprout blue will lines all over your body. Attractive.



Childhood & The Warrants
This represents a major turning point for Bowerstone Old Town. Give the warrants back to the guard and you'll come back during adulthood to find that the town has blossomed into a thriving market place. Give the warrants to Arfur, however, and your hometown will have degenerated into a hovel for ne'er-do-wells and prostitutes.

WE RECOMMEND: Destitute Old Town is effectively lawless and offers much scope for mischief, plus it provides an inroad into the world of the assassination society. On the other hand, if you give the guard the warrants, you'll have access to a thriving market town - with a permanent discount to boot.

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