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Win Every Time At FIFA 09

Guide: Turn your pub team into world beaters


There is a popular saying that is so true in FIFA 09: 'First touch will kill you'. Control over the ball, when receiving, is crucial to success. Trapping is the skill that sees you collecting the ball instead of it merely hitting you and bouncing randomly away. How the player first touches the ball when it comes in his direction can make all the difference between handing it over to your opponent and maintaining possession. There are three fundamental concepts used in FIFA 09 for trapping.


1. Trap: Trapping is the art of receiving the ball and bringing it under control. This is a very basic concept but can be used to gain quick control over the ball and be ready for what you do next. Whether standing in a crowded space or on a full sprint down the wing, a good trap is essential to gaining and maintaining possession. There are several types, all with various parts of your player's body, from the chest to the thigh to the foot and even the head. All of them accomplish the same thing: they make you effective with your next move.

2. First touch: There is no more effective moment in the game than when your player first touches the ball. If not controlled, it can be a quick turnover leading to disaster. If it is controlled, it can give your player a huge advantage to move into open space. Use the right stick to bump the ball away from your opponent and sprint onto it. In a crowd of players, use this to a) avoid your opponents making a quick steal, and b) give yourself some room to work in.

3. Cancel trap: Cancel Trap is a very effective way to take a player off of this default run and redirect him to intercept a pass. A good example of this is if your team mate attempts to hit you on a through ball and an opponent looks like he is going to cut off the pass if the target player stays on the default run. This function allows you to cancel out of the run and cut in front of the opponent to collect the ball before he intercepts it. You can also use it to cancel a shot attempt or cross as long as you hit the buttons before the shooting animation starts. One of the best places for employing the Cancel trap move is when you're attacking down the wings. Avoiding pass interceptions is the best way to make ground.

Controlling your player's possession of the ball is another key component to success in FIFA. Dribbling is basically the set up for everything else you do in the game. If you are on a full sprint down the field, the ball will tend to be pushed out in front of you a little further and you basically run onto it each time. In a jog, it is a little closer and at a walk it is right at your player's feet. Take careful note of the opponents around you to know which pace you should be at so as not to lose the ball. A good tip is to remember not to be predictable. Change directions, stop the ball and then immediately continue; change your pace from a walk to a sprint instantly, knock the ball away from your opponent, and spend time in the arena practising tricks!


Stop the ball: A great tip is to use this skill in combination with an explosive exit move. It can really give you an advantage to shake loose from an opponent. You can make a hard stop anywhere on the field.

Stop the ball - facing goal: This is a great little skill that can really shake your opponent and give you a good look at the goal or just give you some space to work in. Not many are aware of the advantage you can gain by simply stopping and squaring your shoulders towards the goal. In the arena, work on this skill before taking a finishing touch and watch your accuracy greatly improve. In the passing section, a graphic shows how you can increase accuracy when passing in the 10 to 2 o'clock position of the direction you are facing. The shooting accuracy is heavily dependent on your player's motion and direction, so if you are coming in off balance at full pace and more than likely feel you will just launch the ball over the net, use this skill to increase your chances of getting the ball on goal.

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