Home: How to dodge dancing sex pests

PSM3 details the dos and don'ts of Sony's new online world

So you've waited through seemingly endless delays and endured Sony's release date riddles, and finally you will today get your turn to venture into Home.


To spare you the daunting prospect of your first steps into the online world, PSM3 has put its experiences in the earlier beta versions to use to offer a guide to getting started in Home and, apparently, how to "dodge dancing sex pests" because, you know, the internet is full of those - present company included.

The issue is, it seems, if you use a female avatar, you're going to get hounded by groups of desperate blokes who start "forming a circle and body-popping". Sounds hilarious.

"It's bewildering, but I've never laughed at a game so hard," says PSM3. "It's even funnier if the girl is a bloke in disguise and they revert back to their original male avatar. If the game had a 'jaw drop' emote, these guys would be using it."

Sounds like Sony will need to be patching in pepper spray and rape alarms soon. Read the full feature here.