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Two more for Xbox Originals

Sega Soccer Slam and Atari's Raze's Hell

Two more games have been confirmed for Xbox Live's Xbox Originals download section; Sega Soccer Slam and Atari's Raze's Hell.


The first game we remember as somewhat of an underrated gem. Visual Concept's footy effort lies well on the Arcade side of gaming as opposed to PES and FIFA, with characters louder and more outrageous than SSX's best and special moves flinging all over the place. We're sure some people will remember this fondly.

The second game, Raze's Hell, apparently puts you up against a twisted princess and her invading force of Kewletts in Atari's action effort. We've no idea what it is, but it'll be up - like Soccer Slam - for 1200 Microsoft points (£10.20).

Both games are out next week, on Monday, December 15.