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Because the end of the world doesn't have to be that

We're not short of post-apocalyptic shooters on the 360 already, and there's more than one on the horizon as well. So why are we so excited about Rage that it's right up here at Number 7? Well, the fact that it's coming from FPS kings id is unquestionably a whopping part of the appeal, and we can safely assume, given their track record with Quake and Doom (and a brand new Wolfenstein in the works) that the gunplay is going to be top-notch throughout.

Throw into the mix extensive vehicle-based action (you'll be collecting parts, tuning your buggy and entering numerous races, as well as just getting from wasteland A to wasteland B), and you've got yourself a potentially stellar title in the making.


The glory of the visuals is another reason to tick this off as one to watch. The devs are crafting the Mad Max-esque world with the help of a brand new engine, the snappily-named idTech 5, and although we worry that the results will have to be reduced on its journey from PC to 360, what we've seen compels us to pull our optimistic trousers up and tie a knot in them.

One thing we've not gone into in any depth so far is the plot of Rage - and id are still incredibly cagey about the details, which is a shame as the broad summary of the story is so reminiscent of Fallout it's untrue. An unspecified global catastrophe (which may or may not be nuclear) forces a group of humans - of whom you are one - to sit out the devastation in 'cryo-arks', designed to deliver the occupants back out into the world once the (ahem) fallout has settled and they have a chance to rebuild society.

However, the human race hasn't been entirely wiped out, many have mutated, and others have rebuilt a lawless society where every citizen has to fight to survive. Released from your safehouse, you find that it's going to be harder to build the planned brave new world than you first thought... But at least you'll have lots of dune buggy fun doing it.