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FIFA 09 "changing the way people play online"

Could even lead the way for player sponsorship deals, says EA

EA producer David Rutter believes that FIFA 09's unique '10 Versus 10' online match feature is changing the way people play online games, and could even lead the way for player sponsorship deals.

As the title suggests, 10 Versus 10 is an online mode in FIFA 09 where each team can be manned by 10 online players. The trick is that each player will hold the same position (forward or midfield or defender - goalkeeper remains AI) for an entire match, opening a number of new team dynamics to play.


Writing for Edge, Rutter says that "we're seeing people look at themselves differently as online players. The best teams have players who understand that they've got a role to fulfill, so people who are more defensive minded and don't mind playing defense will be the best form of defender you can have and you're going to have a much stronger team."

"For each person, it's a different emotional context, being part of a large team rather than just some guy playing alone or in a very small group. If you play online as the whole team, you're going full pelt for 90 minutes and there is lots of drama and stress but it's on a straight line level," he adds.

Also in his keynote, which you can read in full here, Rutter says that this novel play method could open unique opportunities for team or player sponsorship. "We have seen the premium clubs, players who are extremely well disciplined, and it's easy to imagine them having a virtual or a real currency attached to their value. We would be interested in pursuing that and I think there may be business opportunities for those clubs for real world sponsors to come in and sponsor them."

Article supplied by Edge-Online