Sony: 'Home will be a system seller'

"Will definitely become a reason to purchase [PS3]", says platform holder

Sony's new PS3 virtual world Home will, in time, become a console seller, according to Home's Euro manager.


While Home will initially introduce new revenue streams for Sony through partnerships with publishers, advertisers and the likes of clothing and furniture companies, it's arguable to what degree the application will help sell PS3s.

Dan Hill, Home service manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, thinks it will eventually shift consoles.

"... In time I would say that Home will definitely become a reason to purchase [PS3], he told CVG. "Today, we are at the beginning of a long journey - now is the time to start its evolution."

Hill also told us that "no-one else is doing anything of this scale or ambition".

But does Home have the potential to help PlayStaion Network catch up, or even surpass, Xbox Live?

"The PlayStation Network is getting better all the time," according to Hill, "and Home is integral to our online offering. If you buy a PS3 and you grow with us, as Home evolves, you are going to become part of something very special, something unlike you can experience anywhere else."

Have you sampled Home yet? What do you guys think of its potential?