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Fallout 3: The Guide

Make it through the post-apocalyptic wasteland...

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Blood Ties
Find the town of Arefu, which can be located north of Vault-101 and is on one of the broken bridges. You'll be attacked by Evan King, but he'll apologise and you'll need to head to the Meresti Service Tunnels via Northwest Seneca Station. Be careful of traps in the tunnel and when you reach Robert use either a bribe, high speech, cannibal perk or the letter from Lucy to get him to tell you about Vance. Meet the family and any of them can be persuaded to give you the password to Ian's room.

Now make a new save file and you can either: Convince Ian to go back to Arefu and have the violence stop in return for Blood packs being donated by the town or kill all the Vampires for a bunch of gear (but negative karma). Once decided, head back to Evan King to give him the news.

Head of State
We strongly recommend that you save often during this quest as it can save you from some potential headaches later on! Head to the Temple of Union and have a chat with Hannibal, who'll tell you that he'd like to fix the Lincoln Memorial. Grab the gear requested from the Museum of History and then go to Washington Monument and head West to the Lincoln memorial. Save here and then head back to Hannibal at the Temple of Union and give Caleb the poster. Wait an hour and protect them as you travel to the Lincoln Memorial via the Museum Station. Be sure to clear all areas of enemies, otherwise it's been known for Hannibal and co to get killed far too easily...

The Superhuman Gambit
Make your way to the town known as Canterbury Commons (found a few squares North of Vault-108) and you'll come across a showdown. Have a word with Derek Pacion who'll give you some info on the two groups that had the face off. You now have a choice over who to kill: either the AntAgonizer, The Mechanist or both.

The easiest choice here is to head to the AntAgonizer's lair north of the town and (whilst avoiding the booby traps), take out the various ants until you reach the woman in charge. We recommend that you tell her you'll kill the Machinist, in turn prompting him to show up. Now you'll need to kill him for the Ant Sting, and if you kill her as well, you can now get both costumes! Head out and speak to Uncle Roe who'll now give you 600 caps
for your trouble.

Bobblehead Locations
There's a total of 20 Bobbleheads to find in the game, so take a peek below for the name and the exact location of each...

Medicine: Sitting on your Dad's desk at the start of the game.

Science: Can be found on the shelves of the medical bay in Vault-106.

Luck: Go to the cellar of Arlington House, and it's there sitting on a shelf.

Charisma: In Vault-108, check out the cloning table in the labs.

Intelligence: Head to Rivet City and grab it from Dr Li's desk in the Science Lab.

Strength: This one can be found in Sheriff Simm's bedroom in Megaton.

Endurance: Deep in Deathclaw Sanctuary you'll come across this one beside some corpses. Yummo!

Speech: Waiting for you on Eulogy's desk in Paradise Falls.

Big Guns: Check out the safe of the CO's quarters just outside Fort Constantine.

Repair: This one's found on King Evan's house in the town of Arefu.

Agility: Found in the office of the Greener Pastures Disposal Site.

Lockpick: In the Eastern offices of Bethesda Ruins on the top floor.

Energy Weapons: Found on Colonel Autumn's table during the 'American Dream' quest.

Perception: Have a peek in the Museum of the 'Republic of Dave' for this one.

Explosives: Check out the hidden cistern at the base of the WKML Broadcast station.

Unarmed: Keep your eyes peeled for Argyle's body near Rockopolis, as it's beside it.

Barter: Sitting near the workbench in the Evergreen Mills Bazaar.

Sneak: At the end of the Yao Guai caves, sitting on a metal box.

Small Guns: On a shelf in the Armoury of the National Guard Depot.

Mel´e Weapons: The final Bobblehead is in the Virulent Underchambers of the Dunwich Building.

Super behemoth Locations
There are five of these super-sized monstrosities to hunt down in the wastelands. Bag'em and Tag'em for 20 Achievement points!

You'll fight this one outside the GNR Radio Station building during the main story.

Grab the Teddy Bear from the trolley (near Jury Metro Station), and it'll come
after you.

Make a beeline for Evergreen Mills, destroy the generator and take it on!

Press the switch on the truck outside Takoma Industrial, to drop a bomb on it.

Head to the Dome room in the basement of the Capital Basement, for the final one.

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