Game company Xmas cards 2008

Did you get a Christmas card from Nintendo?

It's that time of year again; the games pile is over a foot high, bits of Ferrero Rocher are all over the office floor and that embarrassing incident from the Christmas Party is still fresh in everyone's mind.

And for games companies defying the credit crunch, it's also time to spend an entire afternoon writing Christmas cards to the UK's games media. Of course not everyone out there receives a festive greeting from Rockstar, so we've dusted off the CVG camera (the scanner's broke) to share the games industry's noel messages with all of you.

God bless you all. But only if you sent us a card.

(Click for larger images)

It also used this image on an advent calendar, which all the chocolate fell out of on the first day.

More quality artwork from Rare. No Killer Instinct 3 jokes this year, though...

Not very disinctive, but at least they didn't send a Tesco card (see bottom).

A lovely bit of festive artwork. We just wish we knew what this game was.

Splash Damage
Inside the card the Enemy Territory boys promise to donate £50 to charity for every web posting. Here's a bullseye, Splash Damage.

Easily the best of the lot. Every window opens up to reveal the identity of each Nintendo UK employee and their Mii. Guess which one's David Yarnton!

A high production card, no doubt. But we definitely got the same design two years ago. Tsk, tsk. At least the PR team wrote something inside this time...

Capcom has the mad Photoshop skillz!!

We're convinced Codies nicked this image from an issue of Edge.

If only Crytek's card actually said "MAXIMUM CHRISTMAS" when we opened it, but we'll just have to settle for shouting it across the office ourselves instead.

Denki Games
It might be from a Tesco Value pack, but at least XBLA dev Denki sent us a card (cough, Microsoft). Cheers, boys.

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