New Zelda next year, says analyst

But admits the claim is just "speculation"

2009 could see the arrival of a brand new and first proper made-for-Wii Zelda game, one games market analyst has claimed.

Speaking in a note to investors yesterday, Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian said that a new as-yet-unannounced Zelda game, as well as a new Princess Peach adventure, could give the games market a 5 percent growth next year.


Unfortunately - and here's the kick in teeth bit - Sebastian admits that the Zelda claim is pure guesswork on his part, but the Princess Peach game is real. Bugger.

Having said that the last Zelda instalment, Twilight Princess, was a launch game for Wii back in November 2006, so it's probably not a wild assumption that we'll likely be seeing something of Link's new adventure soon.

Fingers crossed.

Source: Gamespot