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Microsoft to use Home for virtual meetings

In a bid to reduce its costs and carbon footprint

Xbox daddy Microsoft's set to stage management conferences through PS3 virtual space Home.


The trials will form part of a Portsmouth University led project to explore how big businesses can use virtual worlds to reduce office and travel costs, as well as carbon emissions, reports GAAP.

"Increasingly we are living in a world without borders where workers need to collaborate on a global scale," said Andrew Mawson, the managing director of Advanced Workplace Associates, which commissioned the project.

"Audio and video-conferencing solutions have emerged but the use of virtual worlds may offer the next evolution in overcoming the tyranny of distance - a more realistic and learning-enhanced environment."

That's all well and good, but it seems more than a little strange that MS would choose Home as the place to test out its cost reduction plans.

Aside from the fact that Home is the brainchild of one of Microsoft's biggest rivals, the service has experience a number of connectivity issues since its debut last month, and voice chat is currently only enabled in personal spaces and clubhouses.

Bizarre business sense, if you ask us.