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Capcom producer "worried" by western devs

"Western studios are making great games" as Japanese devs feel the squeeze

Capcom's Jun Takeuchi, currently producer on Resident Evil 5, has voiced his concern over the impact of Western developers in Japan.

Japan, considered to be the home of videogames, will further lose its grip on the gaming market as western developers continue to produce top-tier titles that target the Japanese market in 2009, says a "worried" Takeuchi.


"I'm worried about the movements of Western developers. Japan is now their target - it's the last big marketplace," he told Famitsu.

"The truth is that Western studios are making great games, and they're going to continue to do so next year too," he added.

But it's not a cue for Japanese devs to start producing western-style games. "It's not good if Japanese developers are making games that can't be enjoyed by Japanese people," said Takeuchi.

"2009 will also see Resident Evil 5 finally released, and it'll also then see us on to our next step. We haven't shown what Capcom has in store for 2009 yet, so I hope we can surprise you all soon," he concluded (via Develop).