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Cage: 'Games no worse than 8 o'clock TV'

Heavy Rain man defends mature content in games

Quantic Dreams boss, developer of PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain, has defended mature content in videogames, saying that the interactivity of games makes them no more influential than movies or books.

Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Cage said: "I don't think we do anything worse that what you see on TV at 8 o'clock at home."


Cage went on to dismiss claims that the player-controlled aspect of violent games is more prominent than the detached nature of films or books.

"I don't think being interactive gives you fantastic power to change the minds of people and make them do things they'd never think of doing otherwise," he said.

"We are like movies or books. I just try to create an experience that is entrancing and definitely not for kids," added Cage, in a preview of Heavy Rain in issue 29 of OPM.

Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, is expected out later this year. Although nothing is known of the game's plot, an early tech demo showed female journalist Madison make a daring escape from the house of a murderous taxidermist, who stuffs female corpses and places them around his house.

We can't wait for the full game, by the way.