New Megadrive game eyes XBLA release

New-developed MD RPG, Pier Solar, a possibility for consoles

If you thought the recent release of 8-bit game Mega Man 9 was a bit bonkers, how about a brand new Megadrive game - on a proper cartridge and everything?

You may have heard of Pier Solar before, an all-new RPG being developed specifically for Megadrive in celebration of the console's 20th anniversary, soon to be released in cartridge form in an original-shape Megadrive box, manual, and the works.

Your Megadrive probably went in a jumble sale (or the bin) years ago, but Water Melon Development, the team of crazies behind the project, says 360 owners could get their chance to play the new RPG if things go to plan.


"The door is open for a re-release or perhaps a remake on the current generation of consoles, when the Mega Drive/Mega CD version is finished," it told CVG.

"We've been looking at XBLA since Microsoft opened up to XNA games and it's a definite possibility in the future. At present though, we're looking forward to the completion and release of the Mega Drive version, so that we can then start planning for new games. A next-gen port of Pier Solar (or maybe even its sequel) is definitely on the list of things to do."

The game was originally planned for a December 24 release, but has been delayed to an unspecified 2009 release. You can, however, pre-order it for $35 (£25) on the official site.

Screens and first shots of the packet and manual can be seen to the right.