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New Dead Rising Wii movie

Featuring Japanese punk band and zombies rocking out

Capcom's released a new video for upcoming zombie title Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, featuring Japanese band Gagaga SP and a bunch of in-engine zombies rocking out.

"... The humour and challenge that made the original such a hit with gamers still remain, while many core elements have been totally redesigned for the Wii platform and audience, taking zombie bashing to a whole new level," the publisher claims.

"With the added functionality of the Wii Remote, players will be able to shake off zombie attacks and swing and throw dozens of makeshift weapons, from chainsaws to baseball bats in order to survive."

Earlier today Capcom dated a number of its upcoming high-profile releases, in the process confirming that Chop Till You Drop's set for a February 27 launch.

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