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Ghostbusters out June 19 in Europe

Atari gives the official word

Atari's Ghostbusters game has seemingly been given a release date, if a press release issued by film company Sony Pictures is to be believed.

UPDATE: Atari has contacted CVG to confirm a June 19 release date for Ghostbusters in Europe. Expect an official release later today...

According to Sony, the Ghostbusters game will literally be out alongside the film's 25th anniversary Blu-ray release, which hits North American streets on June 16.


So says the press release: "America's favorite paranormal psychologists are back to save the world, this time with unsurpassed picture and audio quality and advanced new bonus features in the Ghostbusters Blu-ray Disc, releasing worldwide the week of June 16, 2009.

"The simultaneous launch of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, the highly anticipated videogame from Atari, celebrates the film's 25th anniversary, with an all-new adventure from by the film's original writers."

That sounds pretty realistic to us. We've left a message with Atari for the official word.