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400 Points for pants!?

Glamour Pack DLC released for Shaun White Snowboarding

Let be clear on this right from the off; we don't expect to pay good money for some new pants, gloves and goggles. Even if they do come in a variety of colours.

That stuff should be free.

But Ubisoft's 'Glamour Pack' for Shaun White Snowboarding is going to try and rob you of 400 Microsoft points or 4.99€ for PS3 ("price to be confirmed in GBP").

Instead of adding extra content into the game, you can look a bit different with:

  • 7 Pants
  • 7 Coats
  • 4 Tuques
  • 4 Gloves
  • 4 Boots
  • 4 Goggles
  • 14 Snowboards
  • 2 Bindings
  • 3 Backpacks

Ubisoft, take a long hard look at some of the awesome free stuff Criterion has given us for free for Burnout: Paradise. And then look at yourself in the mirror...