Gaming's Weirdest Walks

Feature: When animation goes bad

Walking - it's a simple thing to do. But it's absolute nightmare to animate realistically, which is why some games, even with today's tech, make a pig's ear of it. Sometimes with hilarious results. And it's these results we're interested in.

Why some games make the simple task of putting one foot in front look like we've gone over on an ankle (which bloody hurts), we don't know? They should know better.

But here's a selection of our favourite comedy gaming walks, along with videos to give you a clear picture of what in the hell we're talking about.

CoD 4 - The Soldier Shuffle

War isn't funny. But it would be if soldiers ran around like the ones in Call of Duty 4. Odd-bod run animation looks more like your granddad hobbling for the bus. We're not the only one's to have noticed - people have made videos dedicated to the comedy, like the one above.

GTA IV - The Niko Lean

This one's so glaring we're surprised it made it through QA. Niko Bellic runs like a motorbike. Sure, people in real life lean into corners when running, but Niko almost gets a full 45 degree angle lean on, and he doesn't even run that fast. Look in the video as he runs from the helicopter to the hospital.

Syphon Filter - The Catrun

We've seen how models glide along Catwalks swaying their hips from side-to-side in an over-exaggerated manner. If there was such thing as a catrun, Gabriel Logan, star of Syphon Filter on PSone, would be the master of the technique. Look how he shakes his ass as he runs, with a giant square torso that looks like he's wearing a rucksack full of bricks. Genius.

Resident Evil 2 - The Spin Walk

Forget the moonwalk. This is where Jacko got the idea from. Future Kings of Pop will be the ones who can to the turn walk, as illustrated by Capcom. To perform the soon-to-be hip new dancing crazy, you turn on the spot while moving your legs and feet in a walking motion. Observe Leon Kennedy performing the move to perfection in Resident Evil 2. Warning: you may need to butter the floor and defy the laws of physics to recreate this one.

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