Konami's first balance board game

Konami and Hudson lose their marbles on Wii

Marbles! Balance Challenge is the name of Konami's first game to use the Wii Balance Board.

Developed by Hudson Soft, it's a "skill-based action title where the player helps an Ant called Anthony save his colony via a series of physical tests."

Using the Balance Board, you have to guide a ball through the game's 200 stages by shifting their own body weight around, with levels featuring "houses, snow-capped mountains, deserts, watery settings and even a space station."

Or, if you fancy, you can just use a Wii Remote and tilt that in your hand which, if past experiences are anything to go by, will be far easier than using the Balance Board.


You collect parts as you go which you use to repair sections of the levels and open the path forward, and "items of ephemera" collected can be used in an Edit mode, making levels that can be sent to other players via the internet.

And there's a multiplayer race mode in there too and online leaderboards. Sounds like a new-age Marble Madness.

It's out April 30.