Conan servers condensed

Dev reducing the number of servers

Funcom confirmed late last week that it would be reducing the number of servers for the MMO Age of Conan from 49 to just 18, indicating a substantial lack of interest in the game from consumers.

According to Funcom senior community manager Oliver "Tarib" Kunz, the first merger happened when the U.S. server Hyperborea merged with Bloodspire on January 7. Specific dates for other mergers will be revealed this week, he said.

Typically, it's not a good sign for an MMO's subscriber base when it has to condense its servers, although for those still playing, the worlds will seem more populated than if they were spread across more servers.

When Age of Conan launched on May 20, 2008, the game seemed to be off to a strong start, selling through 800K copies by the middle of August and driving revenues for Funcom.

In September, the game's producer and director Gaute Godager left Funcom, saying, "I have done my very best making this fabulous game, but I have concluded there are elements which I am dissatisfied with."

An Xbox 360 version of the game is currently in development.

Article supplied by Edge-Online