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Ubisoft unveils Call of Juarez prequel

Publisher promises "the wildest West ever depicted"

Ubisoft's unveiled plans to release a prequel to the PC and 360 Wild West action shooter Call of Juarez.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is due out for PS3, 360 and PC at some point this year, and is again being developed by Polish studio Techland.


Set in what's being billed as "the wildest West ever", Bound in Blood's action will let you take on the role of both McCall brothers (Reverend Ray McCall appeared in the first game) in locations including a ravaged Civil War-era Georgia and the Aztec ruins of Mexico, and promises a storyline packed with "greed, lust and lawlessness".

"Call of Juarez was well received by gamers and critics," said Ubi marketing man John Parkes. "We're confident this new collaboration with Techland will bring an even bigger and better adventure to fans of shooters and the lawless Wild West."

The first Call of Juarez was a great Western with a few niggles, so we're looking forward to hearing (and hopefully seeing) more of Bound in Blood soon.