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PS3 gets Red Alert 3 "Ultimate Edition"

With bloopers and 'Girls of RA3' video

Remember that PS3 version of Red Alert 3 that was "on hold"? Well it looks like it's back... and now it's "ULTIMATE".

Spotted on the EA Store (and since removed), Red Alert 3 "Ultimate Edition" adds a ton of content not included in last year's PC and Xbox 360 versions - but is pretty much all nothing to with actual gameplay.


The PS3 version includes "Bloopers & Outtakes, Behind the Scenes, developer strategy videos, and new battleground maps not found anywhere else!" Excitedly bellows EA's blurb.

"Enjoy your favourite songs from the soundtrack and study tactics with the Unit Profiles video encyclopaedia. Watch the women of RA3 heat up the camera in the 'Girls of RA3' featurette -all presented in HD Blu-ray with enhanced visuals, and only for the PS3!"

Will a few HD video docs save Red Alert 3 PS3 from the fact its releasing months after the other platforms? Discuss below.