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Sega: "MadWorld is so unique it aches"

Publisher expects Western success with MadWorld and Bayonetta

Sega's expecting big things from ex-Clover outfit Platinum Games, and is predicting two of the studio's upcoming games, MadWorld and Bayonetta, will be hits with Western audiences later this year.


Mike Hayes, COO and president of Sega Europe, acknowledged that casual games are "mostly where we have secured success" in recent times, but told Edge that 2009 will likely be a year in which core-focused titles perform strongly too.

"Madworld is so unique it aches," Hayes said of the Wii exclusive. "Also, Bayonetta has to be one of the best looking 360 and PS3 games on the market. Cutting-edge Japanese developed titles such as those from Platinum Games will suit the western market perfectly."

We're not expecting Mario & Sonic at the Olympics rate sales from either of those titles (Mario & Sonic has sold 1.8 million units across the UK), but we're certainly looking forward to them more than we were the trampolining and archery sessions featured in the sports title.