Resi 5 demo "premiers exclusively" on 360

January 26 release given by Capcom

Two-level, playable demo available exclusively on Xbox 360 for one week beginning Monday, January 26.

This just in from Capcom Europe:

In the demo, players will have a first glimpse of the fear they will never forget, as Resident Evil 5 makes daylight just as terrifying as darkness. Additionally, a new exclusive high-definition trailer of the game, shown only at the past Tokyo Game Show in October of 2008, will be made available for download on the Xbox Live service on Friday, Jan. 16.

Fans will have the opportunity to experience Resident Evil 5's revolutionary new features early, including two-player co-op with voice chat along with new characters, weapons and environments. The demo is set within two stages from the beginning of the game - Assembly Place and Shanty Town -- featuring plenty of co-operative action, shooting, hordes of bloodthirsty infected Majini enemies and a few puzzles to round out the action. The demo has three levels of co-op play: single-player with AI support, two-player split-screen on a single Xbox 360 and two-player across Xbox Live.

Xbox 360 gamers will also be first to take on the new enemies in battle, including an army of weapon-wielding infected Majini, the gigantic hooded Majini Executioner and even the dreaded Chainsaw Majini. Players can also choose between the classic Resident Evil-style controls or switch to the newer Action controls inspired by games like Gears of War 2 and Halo 3.

We're guessing that after that one-week window, the demo will be out on PSN.