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Dev: Uncharted 2 'not a stealth game'

New action-stealth mechanic not to be "misinterpreted", says game director Bruce Straley

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is not an MGS-like stealth game, says game director Bruce Straley, who promises it's "to simply flesh out our enemy AI".

"Action-stealth is meant to simply flesh out our enemy AI - we're not suddenly creating a stealth game as we've seen misinterpreted," Straley told CVG in a huge exclusive interview.

He goes on the explain: "We don't want to introduce the frustration of being forced to move at the game's (presumably slower) pace by replaying and replaying a set-up due to failing a stealth-heavy situation.

"We feel that providing the option of action-stealth improves upon the pacing by allowing the player the choice to get more invested in the set-ups and get to know more about the environments than a straight gunfight would allow. It also allows us to embed more narrative and story into the game play."