Interview: CEO Ray Muzyka tackles the industry's big issues

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In terms of other versions of The Old Republic all we've talked about and all our focus is on is the development of the awesome MMO on PC.

How would you sum up the health of PC gaming at present and is it being threatened by the success of current-gen consoles?

Muzyka: I think there are more people playing PC games and more dollars being spent on the PC space than ever before, but it's taking a different form.

MMOs are one way that's occurring, you know subscriber-based revenue for them and microtransactions and new business models like that, and there are people all over the world playing them.

And there are more people playing flash-based games and casual games, even core games that are played in a casual way, so maybe [they have] a more core experience and you only play them for short bursts or for half an hour or something.

There are more people playing those types of games too and I think that's pretty exciting, it's just [about] understanding how the audience is evolving.


It's not a bad thing if people want to play more types of games than they did 20 years ago. It's natural and normal as the audience and technology evolves.

As creators we have to adapt to that and continue to make sure that we're satisfying the audience but it doesn't mean we have to compromise.

We can still make deep rich experiences but we have to make them easy to access, you have make the control system really easy to use, and you have to make people feel like they're playing an experience that they can play how they want to play it, whether that is long sessions or short sessions.

I think it's a good thing if you can enable different play styles. You can enable different business models too and adapt to what the audience feels comfortable with and that's just smart development, but it can still be a high art to make a great game.

BioWare developed for DS relatively recently. Would you be interested in developing for Wii and PSP?

Muzyka: Yeah they're interesting systems. We haven't announced anything on either system but yeah, we enjoyed our experiences working on DS.

Sonic Chronicles was aimed at a younger audience and was kind of like a first introduction to the role playing genre for fans on DS - that was the idea.

It's done really well and people seem to enjoy it as well so it was a fun game to develop.

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