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No Godfather II demo or Wii version planned

But DLC is already in the works

The Godfather II team isn't taking it easy now it's pretty much wrapped up development of the game, telling us that it's already at work on post-release content.

"As we've just hit final stages now we've got some people working on some DLC," exec producer Hunter Smith told us in an interview.


He didn't reveal what's in store, although we'd guess new missions and weapons if the previous Godfather game's DLC was anything to go by.

Smith also revealed that EA Redwood Shores has no plans to release a demo of the game - which is due for launch on PS3, 360 and PC on February 27 - "at this point".

"We've talked about it but I'm not sure or not," he said, when asked if it was a possibility in the future.

He also told us that there's no Wii version of the game planned either.