Madworld rated 15+ in Australia

Ultra-violent fighter gets the thumbs up from usually-harsh OFLC

The mere mention of a real drug was enough to get Fallout 3 a ban in Australia. But stabbing a pole through a dude's head and watching his brains bleed out is absolutely fine.

In a topsy-turvy scenario, Sega's super gory, smack-a-guy's-face-with-a-spiked-bat-'em-up has been giving a 15+ by Aussie ratings board OFLC. That means it's "Not suitable for people under 15. Under 15s must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian".


Funny, considering it got an 18 over here last week, whereas Australia's usually harsh ratings standards also saw games like Dark Sector and Silent Hill: Homecoming refused classification.

Meanwhile, the Wii-exclusive Madworld is also being listed on the OFLC site as a 'multiplatform' title, which is sparking 360 and PS3 release rumours.

Sega has, however, reconfirmed to CVG this morning that the game is "only on Wii", so it's just a small mistake, people.