Publishers: Blame Sony for Euro PSN delays

Street Fighter, Lumines and other Euro delays down to Sony's regional processing

Publishers have pointed the finger at Sony for the delayed release of titles in the Euro PSN Store.

Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Penny Arcade Adventures are just two of the more anticipated titles to have been released on PSN in other regions (US and Japan) but remain without so much as an ETA for the Euro end of the online store.


This, according to Joel De Young, COO of Penny Arcade developer Hothead Games, is due to Sony's varying regional processing. "Sony's process for getting titles on PSN varies in North America, Europe, Japan and the rest of Asia," he reasoned when quizzed by British Gaming over the delays.

Capcom was a little more cagey on the matter, saying: "That's a question better directed at the console manufacturers themselves", while telling CVG: "We have nothing further to announce at this time."

Either way the ball seems to be in Sony's court. A Sony PSN rep has admitted "this has been an ongoing issue", promising that Sony is "doing [its] best to resolve it". We await further feedback from Sony UK.

We just want to bust some Hadoukens on our UK PS3s. Sort it out.