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TF2 gets "very different" game mode

New class designs on the cards too, says Valve

Team Fortress 2 is set to receive a "very different new game mode" as well as another class update early this year.

With Left 4 Dead finally in the can, Valve's Robin Walker told The Escapist, the TF2 team is once again turning its attention to future TF2 updates.


"The Scout is the next class slated for the special treatment, and Walker expects the update will be available early this year," it reveals.

"Additionally, the team is juggling a number of side projects at the moment, including finally bringing a year's worth of the downloadable content and upgrades to the Xbox 360 version of the game.

"A new Payload map is in the works, more community maps are on the way and the team will soon unveil a very different new game mode." It's not Capture the Flag then, we're guessing.

And if the steady stream of tweaks, new maps and character class revamps wasn't enough for the Team Fortress fanbase, Valve's also pondering entirely new classes.

"We've got several new class designs floating around, some of which we like a lot, but right now we're focusing on the broadening of our existing classes through the addition of the unlockables," Walker said.

Civilian, anyone?