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Skate 2

Review: Another session of analogue stick gymnastics

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At any point in your cruise around town you can Create-A-Spot, stretching and spinning a big waypoint box to build your run, before setting a high score and challenging online punters to beat it. From there you can modify, share or download other player's runs and attempt to 'own' the spot. In the same way that time trialling roads in Burnout Paradise created one big friends list grudge match, Create-A-Spot is perfectly set up to add tons of online replayability.

Another brilliant online feature - and by far our favourite - is the hilarious Hall of Meat challenge, which dares you to wipeout around the city causing as much damage to your skater as possible. All this bone snapping is accompanied by an X-ray score sheet showing, yep, your broken bones.


Once you're done you can share your replay online, or download other people's for a quick 'You've Been Maimed' chuckle. Very rarely have we ever actually winced in pain at our on-screen game antics, but Skate 2 will have you argh-ing and ooh-ing as if you were watching a faceplant compilation on

When these two features are combined then, Skate 2's San Vanelona has the promise of a bustling skating community where everyone's trying to out-faceplant each other.

This, combined with the still brilliant Flickit controls, ensures that the second game is a worthy follow-up to the excellent first - even if it does have a slight Skate 1.5 stink about it. If Tony Hawk does return to the skatepark, he'll need to be in X Games winning form to top this.

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The verdict

There's room for improvement by Skate is still the best skateboarding series in the business.

  • The most satisfying skateboard game around
  • Anti-skating theme works well
  • Create-your-own Faceplant
  • On-foot abilities feel unpolished
  • Should be a bit more accessible
Xbox 360
EA Black Box
EA Games