EA: Red Alert PS3 "announced too soon"

Plus PC expansion could hit consoles

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 developer EA Los Angeles has explained why PS3 owners have had to wait so long for the RTS title's release.


"I think we just announced it too soon to be perfectly frank," EALA senior producer Amer Ajami told us adding that the dev's single core engine meant "it just took us longer" to get the game finished for PS3.

While PS3 owners have had longer to wait than PC and 360 gamers, who got the game in October and November 2008 respectively, the C&C Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition for PS3 will feature a host of platform-exclusive bonus content, including five new multiplayer maps, when it finally deploys in March.

Ajami also said that the developer could bring the recently announced PC Red Alert 3 expansion pack, Uprising, to consoles at some point.

"We've only announced it for PC so far but we haven't ruled out doing some kind of console release," he said.

"We probably won't release it as a retail release. If we do decide to do it for 360 or PS3 it'll be as a piece of DLC. But again, that decision has yet to be determined."

Sounds as good as confirmed to us. Look out for our Uprising preview later today.