Braid dev working on 2D RPG

Game looks "promising" but Blow can't guarantee he'll finish it

Developer Jonathan Blow, the brain behind time-bending indie platformer Braid, has revealed he's hard at work on a 2D RPG that's "looking very promising".

However, don't get your hopes up about it being released any time soon, as he's not even sure he'll finish it if past form is anything to go by.


"My newest game I started is looking very promising," he said. "I'm very excited to do it. But if the patterns of history continue, then I may not be working on it a month from now, so I don't want to start telling people about it.

"It's an RPG right now," he said, starting to tell people about it, "a 2D RPG that I'm working on. You never know. Next month, it could be a Pac-Man clone or something.

"I don't really want to give much detail about it, though," he told Gamasutra. And the reason is that I've had three or four different games that I was convinced was the next game I was working on, and I'd work on it for a little bit and decide I could maybe do something better."

Blow's also currently working on "other versions" of Braid, which is Metacritic's highest rated Xbox Live title.

We know that Braid's due for a PC release early this year, while Blow's previously acknowledged that a PS3 version is a possibility. Fingers crossed.