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XBW 75 Out Now!

The ultimate guide to gaming in 2009...

World exclusive review - never a bad way to kick off an issue, is it? Well we've done it again, this time delivering the definitive review of Monolith's creepy FEAR 2...

But this year isn't just about FEAR 2, which is why we've dedicated 46 pages to the 136 games headed your way in our ultimate 2009 preview. You'll not find Skate 2, LOTR Conquest, Battle Fantasia or Secret Service in there though - they too get the review treatment, as do Meteos Wars and a heap of other XBLA goodies.

We've got goodies up for grabs (fancy a shiny new Elite and a copy of X-Blades?), a couple of exciting game announcements and, to round things off, a giant look back at 2008's greatest moments. It was a great year for Xbox 360, but these next twelve months are looking even better...

As always, that's not all. Also inside your shiny bag you'll find a crammed DVD featuring 64 HD movies, roundtable footage, video reviews and our cringe-worthy You're In The Movies footage, along with your tips, cheats, guides and Achievements book to help you complete your latest purchases.

Issue 75 is on sale at all good newsagents and supermarkets right now. Enjoy!