Houser: Lack of respect gives us freedom

Rockstar VP doesn't want gaming to grow up too soon as he fears it'll become codified

Dan Houser, vice president of creative at Rockstar and lead writer on GTA IV, says the game industry's still in its infancy, and he's just fine with that as it means developers can keep making up the rules as they go along.


"I think the medium is still very young, he said. "It's not a baby, but it's still probably an infant. So everything is growing and evolving as we go along and we're still figuring out how to do stuff.

"But I think that's as much as case as it is with design as it is with storytelling, even though some things may be lifted from cinema or books. But we're learning new tricks and getting better as games mature," he told The Telegraph.

Asked whether he thought it'd be long before game writers were given the same respect as movies and TV writers, Houser said: "I hope it's long. It's really fun at the moment because we're not in any Academy and the medium's not codified. There's no accepted way of doing anything so that give us enormous pleasure because we can make it up as we go along.

"Movies and TV and books have become so structured in the way they have to approach things. Not working in that environment gives us enormous freedom. I'd rather keep the freedom and not have the respect."

The Lost and Damned, the first instalment of GTA IV's 360-exclusive downloadable content, is out on February 17. Check out our hands-on preview here.