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Don King Boxing Wii, DS in March

"Revolutionary boxing experience," promised via Balance Board

2K is psyching itself up to come out fighting on Wii and DS this March 27 in the UK (31 in the US) with Don King Boxing.

"Don King Boxing has been specifically designed to take advantage of everything the Wii and DS have to offer," said 2K heavyweight title holder and president, Christoph Hartmann. "We worked closely with Nintendo to make Don King Boxing a unique experience, especially using the Wii Balance Board. It is great for those who love boxing or those who just want a fun way to get some exercise."

The game's been developed by 2K China and you get to fight with or against over 20 licensed boxers in real venues like Madison Square Garden, Boardwalk Hall, and Trump Taj Majal. The best bit is that you'll get to throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts with both hands all while ducking and dodging on the Wii Balance Board. Sounds like what it was really made for.

"Don King Boxing is not your prototypical boxing game," said the man himself (Don King). "What we have done here is truly innovative and provocative. Our goal with 2K Sports was to create realistic motions that most closely resemble the actual training regimens of prizefighters for maximum results."

The Wii Balance Board isn't required for the game but you'll be mad not to give it a try.