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Epic to fix 'unplayable' Gears PC

Bug leaves thousands unable to launch game

Epic is moving to fix a dodgy Windows certification bug that's left Gears of War on PC literally unplayable.

Thanks to the expiration of the game's digital certificate (we've no idea either), when trying to launch Gears thousands of players are being greeted with an error message, instructing them to reinstall the game - which does nothing.


"We have been notified of the issue and are working with Microsoft to get it resolved," an Epic spokesperson said on the game's official forum.

"This was a surprise to us too. We aren't casting blame or chewing anyone out. We're trying to figure out how and why it happened so we can get it fixed."

However handy forum users have discovered a temporary solution, which involves turning your operating system's clock back to before the end of last year, magically solving the problem.

Our solution? Stop playing old games.